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We went out in cold, and lit the sky together

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I ask myself the same question every winter.

'How long is it going to last this year?' and 'How cold is it going to be?'

Last winter was rough. It was cold and every single date we were hoping to go out for some night sky photos was all cloudy and windy. I planned few dates in February and March, and never had any luck. I was so desperate to go out to see stars and take some nice Milkyway photos with my new camera that I picked up during the Christmas holidays lol. (Of course)

Half way through April, it looked like there were going to be few clear nights. It was still around -10 ~ -15c (really..? for April?), but it wouldn't stop me for going out for the photos.

Ryan and Chris join the trip, and 3 of us drove down to the Little Trout Bay at 3am while the moon was still shining in the sky. The App we were using(Photopills) displayed that the moon will go down around 5am, and we should have about an hour to an hour and half to capture the Milkyway before the sun starts light the sky bright again.

Do you remember what time I said that we left?
Yes. 3:00am. not 3:30am or 4:00am. We were there just way too early and the moon was still too bright for us to capture the Milkyway with the camera. As bonus.. it was only -15c when we got there, and it was actually colder because it was right by fully frozen Lake Superior.

Long story short.

We managed to take some killer night sky photos and even ourselves included.

I think we waited til around 5:35am, and it was finally dark enough for us to see the Milky way through the lens. Instead of having 1.5 hours of shooting time, we had around 45mins which was totally plenty to capture few amazing shots.

Don't forget to check out some photos below. Few of my favorites from this adventure.

Also if you are interested, please check mine, Chris, and Ryan's Instagram pages, I will leave a link below as well.

Kay Lee: @k.leephoto (Author)
Ryan Hill: @Pacphotographytbay
Chris McEvoy: @c_mcevoy