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Photography, Photographer, and Gears

I am a photographer and a gear addict. As much as I love taking photos, I love buying new gears and spend time researching all the fancy, fun, and exciting new stuff.

Have you ever had this moment when you're reseaching for a new gear and this thought suddenly hits your head.

"Do I need this?" Yes / No

To be honest, most of my recent purchases has been in 'No' category. Then why did I buy them!? It is not like I have so much money and don't know where to spend..

If you ever encountered this thought in your head, read my post and let me know how you think!

Gears don't make you a better photographer. Period.

This is what I heard the most from my friends or mentors.

Sad part is.. that this is more than a fact. Gears don't make you a better photographer. They may help you to be able to handle some unique or difficult situation with its performance, but it really is matter of the person behind the viewfinder.

Some argue that a better camera gives you better chance of getting a 'good' photograph and gives you more room to adjust photos in post-processing. 

My thought?

Yes, it is true and I wouldn't deny that a better camera would give you more chance of getting a 'good' photograph. However does it always give you better photographs? then I would say 'No'.

Photography is an art of capturing moment. And a photographer should know ins and outs a bout the camera he/she is using and be able to shoot anytime to capture that moment.  Once you start relying on the performance of your camera, it is your camera that is capturing the moment and not you anymore. 

In technical perspective, most of current DSLR/Mirrorless has more than capable spec, performance to capture most of the things around our daily life. Digital imaging technology has almost reached the ceiling and I don't think that there will be any more innovative updates on its performance until different sensor technology hits the market. (for example. Organic Sensor)

So.. Why do I keep buying gears if they don't make me a better photographer or making my photographs better?

To be honest, I don't know. I just purely enjoying playing with new gears and keeping up with the newest technology. I don't think there are any other explaination that can explain this weird behavior of mine.

Consider this as my hobby for being a photographer. I spend time looking for new gears, I spend time reading so much about ins and outs about all those cameras and related gears in the market. I enjoy talking to friends about gears, and help them with my knowledge when they are buying or looking for new sets of gears. 

At the end..?

As I mentioned above, I ask myself this question a lot. 

"Do I need this?"

If you have doubt, you better think little more carefully.  Because we usually get confused with 'desire' and 'necessarity'. When the desire takes over your mind, we tend to make lots of self-justification to approve the unnecessary purchases. Be clear of what kind photographs you take, and what kind of work you do. It gives you really good measure about whether you should buy this fancy, shining new gear or not. 

I probably won't stop looking for new gears or buying them as much as I can afford.. (someone might kick me out of the house, might..)

Those lenses below will be gone soon..

Stay tuned for some other gear talk, or some reviews soon 🙂