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Finding Milkyway around in Northern Ontario

You all probably know by now that I go crazy about night sky.

Especially the Milky Way.

If you have not read my first post about my chasing night sky story, go check out this link below.
*Link to my old post
Sleeping Giant Under a Starry Sky

Weather has been really rough in Thunder Bay for months. It has been really windy, cloudy, and cold(Anybody seen spring/summer yet?). While I was checking the forecast for the week, I found small window of ‘CLEAR’ sky around 12-3am on Sunday which is about the perfect time to see the Milky Way over the horizen.

I have been waiting for a good weather to re-create my old milky way photo above the Sleeping Giant, and I got lucky enough(thanks weather) to finally got the image I’ve been wishing for.

**Some tech-talk warning**

When I took the shot for the first time, I was using my old clunky (but amazing) Nikon D700. 12 Megapixel Full-Frame sensor, and about 10 years old (Out in 2008 WOW). I did not have wide-angle lens back then, so I had to use the widest lens I had which is 35mm f/2 non-D lens. This lens is small and fast, but not the sharpest.

So there we go. This is the shot about exactly 1 year ago.

Since I started chasing night sky and persuing my own career(full-time professional photographer), there has been a huge change in my gear collection (Maybe too much lol). So obviously, I was really stocked about what kind of images I was going to get!!

This is an image shot with my new camera #NikonZ6 and trustworthy 50mm f/1.8 lens.

Some might say ‘Why the hell you use 50mm for Astro photography?’, but I think it is really important to choose which lens you use for the certain image that you are thinking of.

My main subject was the ‘Milky Way’ but also the ‘Sleeping Giant’. If I use wider lens, I may see more of the Milky way itself, but you won’t really be able to recognize the Giant under the sky because it’s way too small.

I learned new processing technique, and changed(or improved..?) the editing style and pretty happy with it.

I will leave some more images I took while I was outside, and short time-lapse of the Milky way rising over the Giant

Stay tuned for more post about #starchasers story.

Milky way at Wild Goose beach

Time-lapse of the Milky way rising over the Giant