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'There are many sunsets.. but I probably won't forget this one'

In April, 2017. Me and my wife decided to come back to Thunder Bay.

Many of my friends and family asked us ‘Why?’. Hmm… I ask myself quite often, then I always find the simplest answer
‘I don’t know? We just like this city.’

Back to photo story!

I do believe that one of the most important things of photography is ‘being somewhere at a perfect time’, and this photo is one of the shots I can share out of many other photos I consider very special.

If I remember correctly, this was the night of 2017 Tomlin staff party. And also the day we found out that we’re expecting a little one. I was kinda excited that I am going to be a dad very soon, and super nervous at the same time.. Just like every other first time parents. Just.. couldn’t have imagined what would happen when the little guy arrives.

We found parking on the side of Red River rd. and as soon as we got out of the car my wife shouted
‘Hey Kay!! You should take a shot of this amazing sky!!!’
Blazing red, perfect gradient, and shadowy buildings.. just like one of the apocalyptic scenes from the movie.

I wasn’t so sure that whether I could make this photo like what I saw at the moment, because sometimes photographs cannot replicate what you saw and how you felt. However, I remember tried to think of the composition and setting for a while before I press the shutter. Then I waited for the road to clear out a bit, and walked few steps into the road and ‘BOOM’ there is my Red River rd. shot.

For those people who ask me ‘how to take good photograph?’ or ‘how to take a memorable photograph?’. I always tell them that you should understand what your camera can do and how to work it, then really important part is that you have to be there when something is happening. If you are there, and you know what to do with your camera? ‘BOOM’ there is the photograph that you will remember long time.




Photography is like fishing sometimes.. Art of waiting. Patience.
Do not rush, give some thought when you press your shutter. Probably best advice I can give you from my experience.