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Until this year, seeing Aurora has been one of the biggest things in my bucket list.

I was out with my friends when I firstly saw the glowing Aurora at Mackenzie Point. It was a day after full-moon, so the moon was super bright. Camera picks up some green lights from long-exposure, but we could not really see anything at all.

After an hour and half of shivering, we decided to pack up and call it a day. My camera is all packed up, tripod is back in the bag, everyone was saying good-bye to each other.

I don’t know what made me to look up, but probably one of the best thing I ever did.

A STREAK OF GREEN LIGHT suddenly appeared in the sky, very long, across the sky above us. We all got excited and ran back near the water and start watching this dancing light.

We took some photos for another 30-40 mins until light disappeared.

Magical Night.