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Thunder Bay wedding & portrait. Commercial, editorial photography for the small businesses.

My name is Kay and I am a local photographer based on Thunder Bay, Ontario.

When I think of my childhood memories, I remember my dad carrying around his old film camera wherever we’d go. I was always interested in how this tiny metal box works, and fascinated to see the photographs when its developed. He also taught me to appreciate how important ‘A photograph’ can be.

I can make things happen, and I really love taking on challenges from my customers.

Talk to me today, we will make it happen.


We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.

Ralph Hattersley

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Photo story – Red River Rd.

Photo story – Red River Rd.

In April, 2017. Me and my wife decided to come back to Thunder Bay. Many of my friends and family asked us 'Why?'. Hmm... I ask myself quite often, then I always find the simplest answer 'I don't know? We just like this city.' Back to photo story! I do believe that...

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Photo story – Sleeping Giant Under a Starry Sky

Photo story – Sleeping Giant Under a Starry Sky

When I was young, I used to lay on the ground or on the bench at the playground to see the sky. I don't know why... but I used to really enjoy it.  When there is no objects around me(ex. building, trees, hydro lines etc), I used to be able to feel that how small I am....

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It is about time..

It is about time..

"where everything begins." - my dad's old camera It is about time to start a blog.for my work, for all the gibberish I want to talk It is very difficult to write something for me. Not only because English isn't my best suit, but also I have hard time organizing...

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